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On the importance of #design for the practice of the humanities today:

Design means shaping knowledge and endowing it with form; the field of design encompasses structures of argument.

Digital_Humanities, p. 118

Knowing how to manipulate the forms of knowledge is necessary in order to manipulate knowledge itself—technical knowledge is condition for knowing altogether. Language and writing1 are technologies of intellect (craft), they are not merely conditions of possibility for thinking or even its emerging tip, they are knowledge, since any tool embodies condensed forms of knowledge, values and worldviews2.

What knowledge? What forms? What structures of argument? What authorship? What audience? What curatorial choices? What technologies?

Many questions, many possibilities—but there is work to be done. This fragmental and exploratory series on the eponymous book Digital_Humanities (2012) is over.

  1. Design and writing: “Design-skilled writing as the ink and pen of digital humanists.” ↩︎

  2. Tools and worldviews: “The intricacy between technique and intellect is such that the two cannot be separated.” ↩︎