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We are moving from an era of scholarship based on the individual author of the “great book” to an era of scholarship based on the collaborative authoring possibilities of the “great project.”

Digital_Humanities, p. 83

In Digital_Humanities, the authors plead for a shift in the notion of authorship towards collective dynamics. The author (singular) is no longer at the center of the process. The individual genius is put aside in favour of collaborative projects:

The question is no longer “what is an author?” but what is the author function when reshaped around the plurality of creative design, open compositional practices, and the reality of versioning?

Digital_Humanities, p. 83

On the death of the author, other aspects of a work may be explored, considering it cannot be reduced to a single person or influence, with additional recognition on the different roles involved (is a designer contributing to the process an author as well? what tools enabled the development of a given project and which are their respective creators? can we imagine the public contributing through open and accessible processes?).