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Design is central in the Digital Humanities approach.

Understanding the rhetoric of design, its persuasive force and central role in the shaping of arguments, is a critical tool for digital work in all disciplines.

Digital_Humanities, p. 13

But design is not about styling. It allows for substantial thinking and meaningful communication with a superset of writing tools, which span beyond—but do not exclude—the written word: executable programs, graphical interfaces, database design. Digital literacy, or design-skilled writing, is the ink and pen of digital humanists.

One need only consider the subtle and tightly controlled interplay among words, sounds, and images … to understand that these techniques are—as with design—about more than simply production: they are the means with which to investigate and articulate an idea.

Digital_Humanities, p. 14

Design in this context is also about producing new modes of knowledge, about exploring a new epistemological model.