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I do not like daily blogging.1

It is time-consuming and exhausting, even frenzied; and the rythm is neither sustainable nor desirable, both for the person writing and those reading.2

One of the goals in publishing this journal was to make brief but dense, fresh but timeless notes, written in the context of a saturated information sphere: select (and highlighted) passages, simple and clear syntax, prune comments—for an attention economy.

The brief form has its downsides: reductionnism, caricature, self-censorship. Writing short posts should however not come at the expense of content of quality nor intellectual rigor. In this sense, the mad rush of daily blogging appears to me difficult to concile with the desired sustainability and quality.

Slow media

Slow Media measure themselves in production, appearance and content against high standards of quality and stand out from their fast-paced and short-lived counterparts

Slow media: manifesto in favor of media consumption that is of quality, respectful, caring, sustainable.

  1. I attempted the exercise over the summer, unable however to follow Marcello’s rythm from hell, or the more posed one of David↩︎

  2. This is not a critic against daily bloggin in general: writing can be part of a sequence of signifying activities (expression, creativity, experimentation, social life…). Everyone has their approach; this note is reflection on mine. ↩︎