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Before diving into dark feelings such as envy and jealousy (terrifying facets of love), we insist on one of the most important sources of pride: property.

Men are vain of the beauty either of their country, or their county, or even of their parish. Here the idea of beauty plainly produces a pleasure. This pleasure is related to pride. The object or cause of this pleasure is, by the supposition, related to self, the object of pride. By this double relation of sentiments and ideas, a transition is made from one to the other.

David Hume, Dissertations of the Passions, section II, §8

Things are merely important in relation to the Self; the importance attributed to them is transferred by simple association (this is how the passions operate, through association).

That is the idea of property: what is linked to the Self therefore belongs to it, in some respects; and property—it is obvious to Hume—is the most manifest source of pride.

The problem with this source of pleasant passion (property) is that when it is threatened, it produces an opposite, unpleasant feeling: jealousy.