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I am profoundly convinced that true fascism is what sociologists have too softly named consumer society.

(Pier Paolo Pasolini, cited by Hugo Latulippe)

Consumer economy has become the dominant regime for society’s salvation. Such a pseudo-structural argument merely serves the purpose of justifying the individual gratification of the act of consumption (going to the shopping mall as a hobby, feeling empowered by wearing a particular brand, congratulating ourselves of buying a discount product).

Consuming is not only a means for individual relief; it is also a way of a useful citizen.

No manipulation has transcended so many borders.

In all societies, there are institutions fulfilling a sacred function (rites and practices around meaningful stories).

The act of faith is not (only) praying, it is (mostly) consuming.

What gives meaning to life, if not consumption?

Can art replace consumption as a sacred function, by allowing us to dream collectively?